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Buying, Selling or Restoring a Vintage Honda?

Got a question? Need a part or information? Ask "MrHonda" for the answers! I do not normally sell parts, but can often help point you in the right direction. I do sell specific Honda restoration information, as listed below...

I specialize in all 1960-67 Honda 250-305cc models, including Dreams, Scramblers and Super Hawks. Since the 1990s, I have written several restoration & repair guides for the 250-305cc engines and the CB/CL72-77 models, which are available in print version only at the site. See below for details about my latest revised books available on digital download (Dropbox) which cover all models, plus complete engine repair, too.

Honda CB72-77 Super Hawk Repair/Restoration Guide available via digital download! Newly-revised edition focuses only on the 250-305cc Super Hawk series with 192 pages of data and photos. Also included is a 215 page version of the international parts manual and a copy of the 1961 Owner's Manual. Over 1500 pages in total of information and photos pertaining these great bikes! Much of this information will NOT be found in any of the Honda shop manuals. Available in Adobe PDF format for easy viewing and printing. Price is $69.95 and includes the 250-305cc Engine Repair Guide files. 50+ PDF files, 616 MB

To Buy any Restoration Guide downloads, I can send a PAYPAL invoice to you or click the link at the bottom of this page. Problems? See contact info below.

Honda 250-305 DREAM Restoration Reference Guide now available on digital download! 93 pages covering the 1960-67 CA72-77 Dreams, plus copies of the CA72-77 parts books, Dream owner's manual, photos and a road test from the 1966 CYCLE magazine edition. Over 2000 pages of information. Price is $69.95 and includes the 250-305cc Engine Repair Guide files. 51 PDF files, 620 MB.

Honda 250-305cc Scrambler Restoration Reference Guide now available on digital download! 114 pages covering the 1960-67 CL72-77s, plus copies of the CL72-77 & CL300 parts books, CL77 owner's manual, photos and a road test from the 1966 CYCLE magazine edition. Over 1,500 pages of information. Price is $69.95 and includes the 250-305cc Engine Repair Guide files. 49 PDF files, 585 MB

Now available, my new Classic Honda Motorcycles, previously published by Motorbooks International, but now available in a revised book.  This book includes 220 pages of text/photos of Honda's most collectible motorcycles from the 1950s to 1990. $32 postpaid in the US and $56 anywhere else in the world.

New Release: The History of Honda Scramblers book. 8.25x11" with 190 pages, includes ALL Honda Scramblers sold in the US, starting with two bikes brought into the country in 1958! BUY E-BOOK NOW:

Available by POD at

I now offer a 125 page Vintage Honda Repair Guide file which covers tune-up and minor repair information for most 50cc-750cc models from 1959 to 1975. In addition to this guide, other included files show exploded views and part numbers for carburetors, illustrations of the various contact point assemblies and other associated repair information. This brand new file set, in PDF format, is $20 via download)

I can provide some extensive information on the Honda CB/CL160 and CB/CL350 twins now, as well as a file package for the Honda CB92 Super Sport models.  

I recommend visiting the Vintage Japanese M/C website ( for more information about ALL makes and models of vintage Japanese machines, including Hondas, as well as links to many other quality websites devoted to various makes and models.

I can accept PAYPAL or VISA/MC/credit cards through PayPal for download and Book purchases, subject to certain restrictions. ........................

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PLEASE NOTE: Each restoration guide is specific to either the CA, CB or CL series machines.

In print only: Older, condensed paper versions of the CB/CL models and my Engine Repair Guide can be ordered directly from Search my name on the site and the purchase options will come up for ordering. Each book is approximately 130 pages. For other specific files, contact me directly through contact information links below, please.

Note: Use of the HONDA (tm) name is used for identification purposes only. This site has no affiliation with American Honda Motor Corporation or the parent, Honda Motor Corporation, Japan, in any way.
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